What’s This All About

A new blog, one that will not pass judgement on the past in my own words but let the story of Arsenal be told through the eyes of the media at that time. Were the reporters any less biased than they modern counterparts? As time goes by they became more sensationalist before reaching the modern nadir.

The language reflects the standards of the era and there are some truly great pieces of reporting to come, commentators who bring the days gone by to life. Whatever the case may be, it has been and continues to be a fascinating trawl through media archives which bore witness to history in the making.

All reports that are reproduced here are from the day in question, one hundred years from the genesis of the club in 1886. There will be reports from the Wenger era, goodness alone knows that cannot – and should not – be ignored. But there is a rich tapestry which has been woven by Arsenal Football Club beforehand. These pages will seek to bring them back to life.

6 thoughts on “What’s This All About

  1. These trips back down memory lane should be interesting and educational
    in equal measure.

    I used to love reading Hugh Mcilvanney’s outstanding articles & think pieces
    on football & boxing in the ’70s & ’80s. One of the best sports writers of his

  2. Wonderful idea. Thanks. I’d forgotten Burns occasionally keeping goal in the 60s. Looking forward to future columns.

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