3 thoughts on “Arsenal On This Day, 9th January 1965

  1. Hugh McIlvanney, earning his stripes!

    Cool idea, Yogi. You should give Consolsbob a guest spot here – all you’d need do is copy his excellent match day program notes – you know, his ‘This Fixture in 1893’ ones… or however old he is…

  2. Good idea YW.

    It should be noted that in those days press reports were generally the only way of getting any depth of information about a game. Brief TV highlights were few & far between. These reports are sometimes good but very often you saw them about a game you were at & wouldn’t recognise it at all. Same today perhaps but at least then they concentrated on the actual match rather than what the respective managers said about it.
    This particular match was played at a time when we had a dreadfull record in the FA Cup (the only domestic cup), being regulary defeated by lower division sides. There may be a report of such a game later in the same season but no doubt YW will get to that further down the line in this series.

  3. This is great sports writing – but for me, going by his column in the Sunday Times, Hugh McIlvanney has become long-winded and overwritten. Still great on boxing, but I don’t think he’s kept pace with football somehow.

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