Arsenal On This Day, 25th January 1960

Olympic year, with for the first time in decades, a British team being entered in the football despite the protestations of the Celtic nations in these isles. Ahead of the 1960 games in Rome, the BOC organised a series of friendlies against club sides. It was to no avail as the British team failed to qualify from their group which was of little surprise given the Brazilians included Gerson in their line-up. The Italians had Gianni Rivera and a sprightly Giovanni Trappatoni. It seems had to imagine him as a 21 year old but he was in 1960. The British lost 4-3 to Brazil, drew 2-2 with Italy and beat Formosa 3-2.The tournament was won by Yugoslavia with Denmark taking Silver, Hungary including Florian Albert, the Bronze.

2 thoughts on “Arsenal On This Day, 25th January 1960

  1. You have bowled a googly with this one YW.
    No recollection of this at all & 1960 was in my “train spotting” prime period.

    A look at the programmes before & after the event produces only the AFC team, result & scorers. I wondered if it was played behind closed doors but a quick Google reveals that a 4 page (Reserve style of the time?) programme was selling for £42.
    A point of interest is that I am pretty sure the L.Brown (Bishop Auckland) was Laurie Brown, who joined us not long after, playing 100+ games as CH or WF. We flogged him to the Spuds on Friday & on the Saturday they played him against us at CF & the b’std may have scored in a 1-3 defeat.
    Another revelation from the programme is that Rotherham, who had just knocked us out of the cup, chose to play a 4th round second replay, against Brighton, at Highbury- the cheeky sods!! Further Googling tells me that Brighton won that game 6-0.
    Perhaps the last bit explains some of my passion for the position AW has put us in.

    • One likes to surprise, Flint. A number of ‘XI’ games over the years but few made the national press. Some surprises still to come but to tell would be, well, spoiling them!

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