Arsenal On This Day, 26th January 1985

About as grim as it can possibly get. Snowfall put this match in doubt, Arsenal supporters who arrived in the old city were praised for helping get the Bootham Crescent pitch clear and ready for the game. How did York City repay us? By dumping Arsenal out of the Cup. No, I was not one who ventured onto the pitch to help clear, simply one who was peeved with them for doing so. In fairness, I would have been peeved had the game been called off as it was not a quick journey from my then Guildford home.

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4 thoughts on “Arsenal On This Day, 26th January 1985

  1. That actually wasn’t a bad Arsenal side. Mariner was past it but I remembere the first time I saw him play for Argyle, I thought he was a future International. Excellent player.

    Tommy Caton I’d forgotten.

  2. You did know Tommy Caton sadly died very young, Cb?
    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………………………………………….This was the coldest I have ever been anywhere- I thought my ears had fallen off. Nobody else played that day, why this game was on I will never know, it was literally a skating rink. I know Steve Williams is one of your favourites, YW, but there were days when he could be a complete cnut, this was an early demonstration of that. My good friend Veteran, tells me Williams threatened the whole dressing room with violence if anyone brought up the penalty incident.

    • Agree about his temperamental nature Flint, he could be a right humourless so and so when the mood took him. But then that came with the territory, the yang to his passing ying. For years we held that Williams was Arsenal’s first £1m player; £½m signing with the other £½m coming from the money lost from this cup run.

  3. No, I didn’t know that Flint. Always sad.

    I do remember that we were desperate for a left sided mid like Williams when we bought him. Always less than he could have been to the side. A bit like Ball in that regard.

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