Arsenal On This Day, 29th January 1972

The merest whiff of a title challenge started to emerge in the season after the club’s first double. This win at Bramall Lane certainly got Eric Todd, the reporter, all excited. Was Mr Todd by any chance an Arsenal supporter?

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3 thoughts on “Arsenal On This Day, 29th January 1972

  1. I’ve never understood what happened to that arsenal side.

    It never pushed on.

    Yet some excellent young players in Charlie and Kelly and Ball having just joined, it should have built on the ’71 success. It didn’t. Instead in a couple of years it had been broken up and none of the aforementioed really achieved very much in the future.

    I must do some research! Flint, what went wrong?

  2. I temember this game well, although perhaps not as well as I thought because I could have sworn Marinello played. Getting too old.

    Highlight for me, my all time favorite player, “Super Stan” Simpson’s goal. He played in midfield that day & he had the skill but perhaps not the energy to play there. Vividly recall Alan Ball sitting on the ball, the arrogant little sod.
    Not an easy one to answer but losing Don Howe would be top of the list for reasons.
    There are many lessons from history, which makes this blog so interesting.

  3. Yes, I remembered Ball on the ball but couldn’t recall whuch match it was.

    I remember Simpson scoring, after a step over, from about 25 yards when qwe were 1 down to, I think, Everton at Highbury. Great moment, we all laughed rather than cheered.

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