Arsenal On This Day, 31st January 1959

So far on the blog, we have death, despair, relief and a fair smattering of joy. But there has not been an orgy of delight of the sort when a hammering is handed out to Tottenham. Let’s put that right this morning, this from the visit to White Hart Lane in 1959.

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7 thoughts on “Arsenal On This Day, 31st January 1959

  1. This was the 1st season I went to a lot of games but I wasn’t allowed to go to this. Our last win at WHL, for many seasons, because they were gearing up for their days in the sun. Sad to say but their 60/61 Double side was amongst the very best teams I have ever seen. The 60s was the very worst time to be a Gunner. I could easily have been a Spud then but loyalty & blind faith paid off pretty well in the end.

  2. “Them” in general were not quite as they have become- it was still rivalry then rather than hatred. However,having tasted the delights of Highbury going to Spurs was a bit like favoring a trip to a greasy spoon as opposed to Lyons Corner House, if you catch my drift. I was a spoilt b’stard.

  3. Nobody major…not good enough. Which was a hell of a pity as my one serious trial was with the spuds! I was so hoping to be offered anything just so I could tell them to stuff it! Southern Amateur League was my stamping ground…where it was very social! Tony Adams would have fitted in well!

    • That was pretty good standard, much better than the local Sunday Leagues, I played in.

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