Arsenal On This Day, 1st February 1958

The last English league match played by the Busby Babes, the Manchester United squad of which eight men would perish in the Munich Air Disaster less than a week later. A result which according to those who witnessed them, is a fitting tribute to the spirit of their game.

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3 thoughts on “Arsenal On This Day, 1st February 1958

  1. Later in the week, I turned up for my paper round and as usual quickly scanned the news. My voice had just recovered from the hoarseness left over from this game, so my “Oh shit” quite disturbed the old duck marking up the papers. It was the first and only time I cried for Manchester United.

  2. Blog Bore here….
    This was the 1st match I went to without an adult. For reasons I won’t go into my friend & I didn’t get to the ground until kick off. We went in the North Bank & spent the whole of the 1st half working our way to the front. In those days they used to pass the kids forwards but the crowd was so tight it was not easy. So heard the roar for the goals, seeing nothing, until just on half time we emerged at the front of East Lower (all terracing in those days) towards the clock end. Knew we were 0-3 down, also saw us level it up with 3 quick goals but they were a great side & took us apart again. Many parallels to today, they played 2 young wingers, Morgans & Scanlon, while Bobby Charlton was the new sensation. So sad that 5 of that side perished at Munich & so glad I sneaked off to see them.

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