Arsenal On This Day, 17th February 1958

Football and television has always had an uneasy relationship. The demands of the broadcasters now reflect their growing dominance of the sport’s finances. Back in the day, well, it seems that the police viewed the camera and sound crews as more of a hooligan problem.

4 thoughts on “Arsenal On This Day, 17th February 1958

  1. Surprised there were any cameras there particularly ITV.
    We were easily excited in those days.

    YW, can you check out the match in question v Blackpool & if so see if it was the game Bill Dodgin scored an own goal from the half way line?

    • According to The Times,

      With half an hour left, the real tragedy arrived. From a good twenty five yards range Kelsey called unnecessarily for a back pass, whereupon Dodgin – as if the two of them had a private wager on it – proceeded to the flash the ball past his goalkeeper into the net.

      Goodness alone knows how such an event would be reacted to nowadays.

  2. Thanks YW, that was a memorable moment in from my younger days…..put it just inside the post with Jack diving full length, right up there with the Lee Dixon lob. Did Stanley Matthews play? Don`t remember insulting the ITV cameras & I feel that we had not got the new fangled commercial tv by then.

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