Arsenal On This Day, 21st February 1995

The end of era had been on the cards for some time. On this day in 1995, it finally came. Looking back, I find the reasons for it so utterly baffling, especially for someone who was so well aware and immersed in the history of the club. I know Graham was merely the one who was caught – more accurately, hung out to dry – and this was (is) the culture of football. We will never know if it was purely avarice that led him down this path and to be honest, it would take breathtaking honesty for Graham to ever fully explain it.

On the pitch, the success of the early years was not as forthcoming as the promise. The cup runs, yes, were there but Arsenal were further from winning the title than at any time in the preceding decade or more. Would he have been able to reinvent the Arsenal squad given time and funds? A great imponderable. This is how the day’s events were covered.

4 thoughts on “Arsenal On This Day, 21st February 1995

  1. Really great to read into the past & remember how bad things really were in George’s final days at he Arsenal, Really opens your eyes about how lucky we have it right now.
    Super article, Super idea & will happily retweet 🙂
    Nice one.

  2. Strange days. How many echoes of the current time with Arsene?

    I liked Graham but like you, don’t know if he was past his best. Then again, why should he have been?

    As for Arsenal needing to rebuild ‘their values’, I don’t remember this being said about any other club. Plus ca change..

  3. This was a sad day- a genuine low point for the club.
    Hard to know how George would have done with the influx of DB10 etc so soon after he left., CB., because he was pretty much starved of funds in the end, hence the below par purchases in his latter years.
    Never believed he was the only one “at it”, in fact I would bet the majority were.
    I reckon he could have shaped another successful team but he would never have revolutionised Arsenal & the English game the way AW has.

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