Arsenal On This Day, 24th February 1988

This League Cup Semi Final 2nd leg second is to my mind, one of the last, if not the last, great Highbury cup night. That is not to disparage or discredit that which was to follow, just that this was one I remember being sardined on the North Bank.

How crowded was the terracing that night? We spotted a friend about 20 yards away in the same area of the North Bank before kick-off. It took him until half-time to work his way across toward us.

The match itself was one-sided; following on from Perry Groves goal in the first leg, Everton had to attack but never at the races. Arsenal could even afford the luxury of a missed penalty. That would, however, come back to haunt them at Wembley. Had Hayes scored, he rather than Nigel Winterburn would have stepped up to face Andy Dibble and who knows what then…