Arsenal On This Day, 25th February 1895

Crowd trouble at a match against Burton Wanderers earlier in the year meant that The Manor Ground was closed for five matches. This one was played at Hornsey. It remains the club’s biggest win at Hornsey…

5 thoughts on “Arsenal On This Day, 25th February 1895

  1. You do find ’em, YW.

    I am racking my brains to think, where the ground might have been. Alley Pally Racetrack, one of the cricket clubs? Can’t think of anywhere that could hold 1,000 people.

    Any ideas anyone?

  2. I’ve read reports of the game that state that it was in Nightingale Lane, which is off Priory Road. Looking at maps of the area around that time there are no stadiums but there were open fields. It is possible that it may have been played on the cricket pitch in the middle of what was Alexandra Park racecourse but it doesn’t look like Nightingale Lane went that far.

    It seems a strange venue to choose. During the six week suspension games had to be played at least 6 miles from the Manor Ground. When you consider how many decent grounds there were in London at the time it makes you wonder why they chose such an awkward place to get to.

    The game was part of Liverpool’s “tour of the South”!

    @thegeeman, if you are a member for your local library you can get all this stuff for free. I’ve spent hours / days / weeks / months trawling through these papers since I found out about it. It’s helped me dis-spell a few urban myths about the club as well.

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