Arsenal On This Day, 1st March 1987

It was Arsenal’s 100th Football League Cup tie. A competition that they spurned in the early, not deigning to enter it until 1966-67 when their first opponents were Gillingham. Thankfully they dropped their objections to competing so that we might enjoy nights like this. And to think, a happy coincidence led it to happen on a centenary night.

It was also a masterclass in the footballing gods taking their revenge for Tottenham’s arrogance at announcing how to get hold of tickets for the final…

3 thoughts on “Arsenal On This Day, 1st March 1987

  1. Memories YW…. Funnily enough reading the name of Clive Allen made me wonder what today’s internet support would’ve made of the Clive Allen / Kenny Sansom transfer saga! Imagine how the manager would be slated today for buying a hot young striker then flogging him off after a few weeks before he’d kicked a ball in part ex for a little known full back.
    Of course the end results spoke for themselves…
    Thanks for this blog a great reminder of times of yore.

  2. I loved this game, i think it was my third time at WHL. I recall the ticket announcement at half time and that really fired up the Arsenal fans even more…
    It rained all second half and when we went in front on the day to square up the game we went totally doolally, then all I seem to recall is a load of one on one situations with Lukic saving each time.
    I couldn’t make the replay but I still have it on a videotape somewhere – Happy days!

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