Arsenal To Replace Swindin On This Day, 13th March 1962

The mid-1950s was a barren spell for Arsenal. It got little better as that decade closed and became the 1960s. The only thing that seemed to be swinging at on this day fifty years ago was the hangman’s noose waiting for George Swindin’s managerial career to end. His successor, W.A. Wright, Esq., would fare little better.

The announcement was altogether more measured; sombre if you include the paragraphs about Accrington Stanley’s fate, parallels with Portsmouth of today.

1 thought on “Arsenal To Replace Swindin On This Day, 13th March 1962

  1. Interesting history lesson, cos we all know where Mr Wright took us (or didn’t). There was also the indelible memory of those bloody awful Beverley Sisters in their matching red barbie doll outfits we had to endure seeing in the East Stand!

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