Tottenham’s Title Hopes Killed By Arsenal On This Day, 17th April 1985

They were only slender ones at best, the Tottenham title hopes, but Charlie Nicholas and Brian Talbot did the damage.

The interpassing that set Nicholas free was as crisp and precise as the current Arsenal at their best whilst the Scot’s finish was outstanding, shooting across Clemence’s body and inside the far post from an acute angle.

Talbot’s speed and energy in the last minute of what had been a hard-fought match was unsurprising given he was an archetypal box-to-box midfielder. His finish was astonishing, remaining calm when he must surely have been shattered.

But the indelible image is of Roberts penalty, cannoning off the crossbar and up into an away end which took great delight in mocking the Spurs midfielder. A truly enjoyable moment in a North London Derby.

4 thoughts on “Tottenham’s Title Hopes Killed By Arsenal On This Day, 17th April 1985

  1. So many memories of this game. My first visit to that dump as a 17 year-old. We had started the season so well and playing fantastic football. My girst season going to away games and I managed to pick some crackers – Watford, Leicester, Newcastle. It all went pear-shaped in November. Then we had Hereford and York in the FA Cup (I also went to both of them). And then this one.

    They were all over us like a cheap suit for 90 minutes. We had two breakaways and scored them both. I love the comment about Nicholas accelerating away! I remember being hit on the head by a coin after the second goal but didn’t care. There is no mention in either report of a typically disgraceful attack by Roberts on Anderson – he caught him full force with his studs on the top of his thigh (the fleshy bit on the inside). Not even sure we got a free-kick.

    At the time I lived in Cheshunt which was a Tottenham stronghold. The journey home was tortuous on a tarin packed with moaning neanderthals and me trying not to grin like the Cheshire Cat.

    • Andy

      Watford was a train journey I won’t forget – all the lights and windows out in our carriage before we’d even arrived at the hooligan halt in Hertfordshire! That and several trips back from Wembley with angry kilt wearers after England games. Character building, I believe that’s how its described.

  2. Remember it well as too. The team sheet shows how close we were to having a very good side. Just a little weak in midfield and lacking a striker.

    • They were capable of beating anyone on their day, cbob. Just didn’t have enough of those days. Interesting how Howe’s reign descended much the way Graham’s did. Both built teams with flair but their final days were engulfed in the mire of “direct football”.

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