A First FA Cup Final Win For Arsenal On This Day, 26th April 1930

A relatively quick return to Wembley following the disappointment of the 1927 defeat to Cardiff City, the chance to erase the memories of that day. And it was an opportunity that Arsenal did not waste.

The final is as much remembered for the Arsenal victory as for the appearance of the Graf Zeppelin, the presence of which was noted from its’ “ceremonious call” according to The Times. For the BBC, it was a triumph as the Corporation covered the match live. The commentator on that day received great praise, Mr George Allison went onto greater things…

Some interesting asides emerge from the reports of the day. Firstly, no worries by the Football Association about competition from the League programme. Without the presence of television cameras, they were sure that their offering was a ‘superior’ product and had no qualms about a full fixture list taking place that afternoon.

It is also interesting to note that the two sides dined together after the match, an innovation from Herbert Chapman that never took hold. Given the enmity between modern protaganists, such bonhomie might be well absent in the modern game.

Even less amused I should imagine, would be the managers if they were commanded to play a match on the Monday immediately after a Wembley Cup Final. It is hard to find condemnation from Mr Chapman about this although it is surely not amiss to surmise his displeasure at the situation. Were that to be the case now, once again a vivid imagination would not be required to think of the excoriating words of the current Arsenal manager.