An Eighteen Year Itch Scratched At White Hart Lane By Arsenal On This Day, 3rd May 1971

There could only be one post today. That’s not true obviously but the first post on the site about 3rd May could really only be one moment in time. White Hart Lane 1971. It is a story which nobody who supports the club needs to be told; it is in your DNA, inscribed on your soul.

Ending an eighteen season wait which puts the current eight into perspective. Little did anyone know that there would another eighteen after this one, near misses on the next two season falling into a mire of mid-table mediocrity until the next decade.

Today’s clippings are in some sort of chronological order in that they deal with the pre-match atmosphere and then the action itself. I hope it conveys the evening as I understand it, the throng so great that the team bus suffered delays getting into White Hart Lane. Not that anyone cared when Ray Kennedy’s goal hit the back of the net.

It was a complicated few minutes as an equaliser would have seen Leeds United crowned Champions on goal average. It would be two or three more seasons before the change was made that ultimately won Arsenal the title in 1989.

Referee Kevin Howley To Retire Post-Match

You Would Have Thought That Pride And Rivalry Would Have Been Enough. If Not That, To Stop Arsenal Emulating Their Achievements

Not Even Organised Chaos

But When Push Came To Shove, The Players Delivered

Post Match Reaction From Around The Game

Not Forgetting That The Team Became Record Breakers

Even The Chairman Got Carried Away

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  1. Please tell me where you fond all of this stuff. it is great. Are there any books written about Arsenal futebol thta one can buy here in the states.

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