Hard Times For Ex-Arsenal Player On This Day, 9th May 1973

This is a Daily Express article published on 9th May 1973, a serialisation from Tommy Lawton’s book When The Cheering Stopped following his retirement from the game.

Lawton played for Arsenal in the latter stages of his career, signing in November 1953 until his retirement in 1955. His only goal in 1953-54 was the winner in the Charity Shield whilst his record in his final eight appearances of six goals bears testimony to his ability. His England record remains impressive; including wartime internationals, he played 46 times scoring 46 goals.

Perhaps some players of today ought to read this and stop complaining about their wages or better still act with some decorum, remembering the debt they owe their predecessors.

9 thoughts on “Hard Times For Ex-Arsenal Player On This Day, 9th May 1973

  1. Something wrong there…Charity Shield 1953 we beat Blackpool 3-1 but on 12th Oct. I do remember Tom scoring the winner against Cardiff FA Cup 3rd round 1954. Think that may be the goal referred to as it was his only goal in 53/54.

    • Yeah the date of signing is wrong by the looks of it! My records (and in no way are they life-dependingly reliable) say he scored in the win over Blackpool. Checking different sources, it looks like he signed in September 1953. I can see his debut as being against Manchester City on 19th September. Does Andy or anyone else know better – I don’t have a copy of his book!

  2. I agree, all I can find points to September 1953. Might try and get hold of the book.

    Great character. So much like today’s professionals……

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  3. Lawton joined Arsenal in 18 September 1953 from Brentford (James Robertson went to Brentford as part of the deal). He made his league debut the following day. It was before my time so I’m not 100% sure why Arsenal bought him but it was probably a bit of a panic buy following Arsenal’s worse start in the league for 40 years, drawing 2 and losing 6 of the opening 8 games.

    He did score in the Charity Shield but Arsenal won 3-1.

    He left Arsenal on 1 February 1956, going to Kettering as player-manager winning the Southern League in 1956-57. He was Notts County as manager for 1957-58 but they got relegated from Division 2.

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