Samba Party Down Rio Way For Arsenal On This Day, 15th May 1949

A change of pace this morning with Arsenal venturing to South America for the first time in an end of season tour. Accompanying the players were members of the national press to report back on the tour of Brazil.

It was a mixed bag on the pitch, two wins, two draws and three defeats but this one was the start of the tour, the opening game with 60,000 people seeing Doug Lishman hit four in a 5 – 1 victory.

Fluminense were one of the most successful sides in Rio at the time, having won 15 titles by the time of tour. If memory serves, the state championships were dominant with no national championship existing at the time (although I will happily be corrected on that one). They had finished runners-up to Vasco de Gama, who would beat Arsenal by a single goal in the fourth match of the tour.

More to come from this tour duing the coming weeks.