Arsenal Receives Global Brand Recognition On This Day, 22nd May 1949

This was the third match of the 1949 tour of Brazil. Having beaten Fluminense of Rio 5 – 1 in the opening game, they had travelled to São Paulo for a 1 – 1 draw with Palmeiras. They stayed in the city for the next match, against Corinthians.

This match was the final victory of the tour, the goals from Doug Lishman and Tom Vallance were the difference between the two teams. Vallence was Stanley Matthews brother-in-law whilst his father had played professionally for Stoke before they became a rugby club.

The remainder of the tour descended into acrimony, finishing with three defeats and a draw. But those are tales for another day.

Commercially the tour was a success with other countries particularly keen on Arsenal visiting them in future summers. South American nations and clubs were disappointed though. The 1951 tour was once more to Brazil but future end of season sojourns remained firmly in the European arena until the late 1960s when the Far East and North America were the beneficiaries.