Arsenal Reward Success On This Day, 9th June 1989

The title landed, Arsenal set about improving the contracts of the squad in light of their success, including the manager. It offers an interesting contrast to the current situation where the club is accused in some quarters of demotivating the players by rewarding them too well, too soon. Or quite simply, too much, too young.

Having read the accounts of various players before and after, the negotiations would have been curt with a definite sense that the manager would tell the players what the new terms were and that was that. Or the transfer list, whichever suited.

Graham notes that his ambition was “bring continued success to the club for the next five years“; he was true to his word with the last trophy of his reign grabbed in Copenhagen five years and one month previously. A figure of speech surely but he fulfilled his ambitions. A shame his foresight did not tell us what was to come afterwards.

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