Arsenal’s Chairman Gets Involved In A Slanging Match With Don Howe On This Day, 11th July 1971

They say that breaking up, Is hard to do
Now I know, I know, That it’s true

Through the back pages, it seemed that there was an element of cloak-and-dagger about Don Howe’s departure from Arsenal. Following on from the successful 1970-71 double-winning season, it was hardly surprising that his services were sought after. He had been heavily linked with the vacant manager’s role at Leicester City before eventually ruling himself out of the running for that position.

It seems that much of the groundwork was done by West Bromwich Albion whilst Howe had been on holiday and in an age before mobile communications, talking to his then employers was not the simplest of tasks. Waiting for that overseas connection could be tiresome.

It is surprising that Denis Hill-Wood decided to vent his feelings publicly on this subject but having done so, it was of no surprise to find Don Howe fighting his corner in the same manner. As Ken Jones notes in the Daily Mirror, “ARSENAL’S longstanding dignity is down around their ankles this morning.“, is definitely the one outcome of this episode.

Fortunately Howe did not bear grudges (or if he did, was able to overcome them) as he subsequently returned to the club as coach and manager.