Arsenal Pair Save Middlesex On This Day, 12th July 1936

Cricketing footballers is a real sign of looking back on summers long ago. Before the age of unlimited and unrivalled earnings, the footballer had to supplement his living earned from the game with other sources of income. Some had shops or pubs, others were adept at cricket and played for major and minor counties with varying degrees of success.

It was not unusual in those days although having players from the same Arsenal XI appearing for Middlesex (Leslie Compton did not play in this match as far as I can tell) is some feat.

The last cricketing footballers I remember were Chris Balderstone and Arnold Sidebottom in the 1970s; Ian Botham’s adventures in Scunthorpe United’s colours do not really count as he never played for their first team on a regular basis over a sustained number of seasons.