David Rocastle Sinks Indiependiente In Miami For Arsenal On This Day, 6th August 1989

Arsenal were set to begin their defence of the League title won at Anfield seventy-three days earlier. With Uefa’s ban on English clubs competing in European club competitions still in force, this was a rare chance for Arsenal to experience a different style of play from that of the domestic game.

For a pre-season affair, it was a spikey affair. Two players and Gary Lewin were sent off in an erratic refereeing display. It seems inconceivable that a physiotherapist would be dismissed in the modern game – my age betrays me in classing 1989 outside of that – yet it happened.

ITV screened the match live that night in the UK which explained kick-off being at the height of the day, local time. It was played at a suitably subdued pace and in our own little way, the outcome led us to believe Arsenal were Kings of the World, for a day or two at least.