Wilfred Hill-Wood Of The Arsenal On This Day, 8th August 1924

Wilfred Hill-Wood was the son of Samuel Hill-Wood, who at this time, had yet to ascend to the position of Arsenal Chairman. As was the case with the other male members of his immediate family, Wilfred was a first-class cricketer and in keeping with the family tradition, played for Derbyshire.

He never made any first team appearances for Arsenal in competitive matches and concentrated on his cricketing aspirations. It is nonetheless an interesting footnote on the Hill-Wood’s and their involvement at the club.

I am not sure which Rutherford is mentioned below – and the date is little clue – but it seems likely to be Jock Rutherford entering his third spell at the club. He is the great-grandfather of Olympic champion, Greg Rutherford. It might be his grandfather, John Junior, who signed as an amateur for Arsenal in 1924 but did not turn professional until 1927 although before then, he made his only first team appearance in 1925 against Bury.