Don Howe Returns To Arsenal On This Day, 10th August 1977

Given the acrimonious nature of his departure from the club six years earlier, Don Howe returning to Arsenal was surprising and welcome. He and Terry Neill had played together at the club over a decade before and reports suggest that a friendship had been struck between the two, maintained in the intervening years.

Within 12 months, Arsenal had returned to Wembley in the FA Cup final, their first since the defeat in 1972 to Leeds United in the Centenary Cup Final. It was the signal of three successful seasons before the departure of Liam Brady became too big an obstacle to overcome.

Howe had not been as successful as manager at West Bromwich Albion as had been expected, his reign ending with their relegation from the top flight in 1975. Subsequent to that, he coached at Leeds United before managing Galatasaray. He returned to England as Assistant Manager during Jimmy Armfield’s reign before returning to Highbury.