Clive Allen Sold By Arsenal On This Day, 12th August 1980

Perhaps this is the root for Clive Allen’s dislike of Arsenal. Three weeks after joining, he was gone, sold at a profit of two-bob. Three friendlies, no goals, a lot of hype and he must still surely be the most expensive signing to have never played a competitive match. For any club, not just at Arsenal.

His fee when translated into today’s money would have been around £7.5m. It is almost inconceivable that such a series of transactions would happen now without a lot more speculation and scurrilous rumour surrounding it. From memory, there was a lot at the time and to this day, the deal is still unfathomable. It made front page news.

Arsenal came out of it well though. It is hard to deny that Kenny Sansom was anything other than a good buy.


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