Defending Champions Beaten At Home By Arsenal On This Day, 7th September 1929

Sheffield Wednesday may not currently occupy a place at the top table of English football but at this point in time, they were one of the most successful clubs in the professional game.

They were undefeated at home en route to winning the title in 1928-29 and successfully defended it. They would finish third three times in the subsequent four seasons, as well as adding the 1935 FA Cup to their trophy cabinet. The magnitude of Arsenal’s win on this day should not be understated.

There is an interesting coincidence between the two clubs. In 1927-28, Wednesday finished in 14th place with 39 points before going on to win the title in the following campaign. Arsenal would finish 1929-30 in 14th place with 39 points before…well, you’ve guessed where this one is going, haven’t you?

4 thoughts on “Defending Champions Beaten At Home By Arsenal On This Day, 7th September 1929

  1. Note that the report constantly refers to The Arsenal. The club informed the FA in 1919 that it wanted to be known as Arsenal rather than The Arsenal but it seems some journalists ignored this.

    Officially, the club is still The Arsenal Football Club Public Limited Company. It is the only team playing in the league (i.e. Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two) with “The” in front of its name.

    When all of the clubs were incorported as limited companies in the early days of football, corporate law placed “The” in front of every company’s name. So, Everton would have been The Everton Football Club Limited. However, around 1970 all of the football clubs re-incorporated and dropped “The” from their title. I’m not sure why but I guess there was a change in corporation law which meant that companies did not need to start their name with “The”. For some reason Arsenal didn’t re-incoporpate.

    You can check it out here:

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