Stoke City Thrash Arsenal On This Day, 26th September 1970

From October 1969 to the end of the 1971-72 season, the two sides met on ten occasions. The side from The Potteries won but two of them, this and a single goal victory at Highbury the following season. Arsenal won the key battles, the most famous of which were the two FA Cup semi-final and their replays.

I’m not sure but this match could go a long way to explaining my own dislike of Stoke. Hmmm. Terry bloody Conroy.

5 thoughts on “Stoke City Thrash Arsenal On This Day, 26th September 1970

  1. I remember the shock of this result. Five defeats that season. This wasn’t the worst though, that came away to Leeds. Bloody Jack Charlton!

  2. Remember it only too well.

    Do you remember, Consolsbob, that the goal at Leeds was controversial (!) – possibly offside.
    It was a very tight decision… saw the goal on the news (but with no slow-motion replay in those days). I practically kissed our title hopes goodbye. But… do you remember the ultra-controversial decision regarding the West Brom winner versus Leeds, when Leeds looked to have the title well in their grasp? Loved it!

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