Nothing Casual About Woolwich Arsenal On This Day, 4th October 1894

Dare anyone question a familial link to the National Treasure?

It isn’t often that pun is so readily made for a football match but the title of today’s post was. The Casuals were the predecessors of Corinthian Casuals, a club formed in 1939 as result of a merger with Corinthians FC. They were in the midst of a hectic run of fixtures, playing at Godalming the day before and losing to Nottingham Forest by the odd goal in seven a day later.

Notable amongst the Casuals XI who played on this day is C B Fry, who until a matter of days before had been the world record holder at long jump. Capped by England at football and cricket, Fry was also a Barbarian in rugby union as well as being able to leap backwards onto a mantelpiece from a stationary position. He was also a member of Southampton’s 1902 FA Cup final side.

A later link between Arsenal and The Casuals would come in the form of Bernard Joy, who played for both clubs and became the last amateur player capped by England.

A disparity in the view of the game, some of the below is quite strident in its tone for the time. The last small report is from The Times which makes no effort to disguise the reporters displeasure at the showing. Rarely can an 8 – 0 victory have been disguised as “uninteresting“. Thankfully The Morning Post gave a fuller picture of the game which took place at the Lyttleton Cricket Ground, Leyton, a venue used by the club when the FA closed The Manor Ground due to an outbreak of hooliganism in January 1895 during the match against Burton Wanderers.

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  1. The Casuals warmed up in their Sergio Tacchini tracksuits before changing into their kit of diamond-cut Pringle jumpers, faded Lois jeans and Nike trainers to play the game.

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