Arsenal Net A Dozen In The FA Cup On This Day, 14th October 1893

In all the official ledgers, Arsenal’s record win occurred on 12th March 1900 when Loughborough Town were thrashed 12 – 0 in the re-arranged Division Two fixture witnessed by 600 people.

Yet seven years before, the first XI had recorded exactly the same scoreline in the FA Cup when Ashford United were vanquished at Plumstead. The match took place on a designated cup weekend, no Division Two fixtures for the participants as is the case now.

However, this match is diminished by the being an FA Cup Qualifying Round fixture. That is clearly a case of imposing the competition structure of today on the past when it should not be. As a relatively new Second Division team, Arsenal were required to qualify for the FA Cup competition proper. These matches were full first team fixtures and as such, this win over Ashford United should be given the same status as the victory over Loughborough.

The full scorers that day were Henderson (3), Elliot (3), Booth (2), Heath (2), Crawford and Powell.

2 thoughts on “Arsenal Net A Dozen In The FA Cup On This Day, 14th October 1893

  1. The Arsenal directors knew that this would be a mis-match and offered Ashford £20 to forfeit the game and Arsenal would send their reserves to Ashford to play a friendly. Ashford declined and the result can be seen.

    Imagine that happening today!

    • Funnily enough, I’ve just seen a report from a year or so later that notes that Woolwich Arsenal were now deemed by the Challenge Cup Committee to be of sufficient quality to warrant inclusion in the first round proper…

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