Yea Gods. Arsenal On This Day, 20th October 1981

Winterslag. Winterslag. With all due respect to the inhabitants of the Flanders city in the municipality of Genk, it should never have come to this. A single goal defeat, the first stage of Arsenal’s most embarrassing European exit.

Oh, I know every club has those difficult memories, both domestically and on foreign fields; the Walsalls, Wrexhams, Yorks and Tranmeres, Arsenal are not unusual in that sense. But it doesn’t make talking of them any easier.

The Belgians were part-timers, Arsenal the First Division club who fifteen months earlier had lost on penalties in the Heysel Stadium. Winterslag had enjoyed their best ever season in 1980-81, finishing 5th in the top flight and were in Europe for the first time.

Arsenal had beaten Panathinaikos home and away in a 3 – 0 aggregate victory in the first round. Things had been more nailbiting for Winterslag. They had reached the second round by defeating Byrne of Norway 3 – 2 on aggregate, winning the away leg 2 – 0 before losing at home, 1 – 2. If the Scandanavians could win there, surely Arsenal would as well?


Winterslag merged with Watterschei, a more successful neighbour who became embroiled in a bribery scandal. The two clubs merged as a result in 1988, emerging as KRC Genk.

The only goal of this game is at about 14 seconds on this clip with the second leg goal for Winterslag at about 50 seconds.

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  1. Don’t know many of those Arsenal players (NIcholas). But don’t we have a young Meade these days? Wonder if he is the son. They had a de Bruyne too.

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