Manchester United Thrashed At Highbury By Arsenal, On This Day, 21st October 1961

It makes a pleasant change to find Arsenal handing out the lessons in this fixture. Such outcomes are few and far between, certainly in the modern era. It isn’t Arsenal’s biggest win in clashes between the two sides but given George Swindin’s overall record, such a result was welcomed.

An interesting footnote emerges in one of the reports about the wages. The bonus system at Arsenal based on gates, continued into the 1970s until it was changed to a points-based reward system.

It was a day that marked how football fortunes change over the years. Liverpool were beaten 0 – 2 at The Baseball Ground, Newcastle United thrashed Brighton 5 – 0, Swansea had yet to become a City, still being a Town but beating Leeds 2 – 1 whilst Stoke lost 1 – 3 at Plymouth. All in the Second Division.

The top flight saw defending champions Tottenham lose 2 – 3 at Portman Road to their successors, Ipswich Town whilst Cardiff, Burnley and Sheffield Wednesday were all enjoying First Division football. Maybe enjoying is too strong a word in some cases.


1 thought on “Manchester United Thrashed At Highbury By Arsenal, On This Day, 21st October 1961

  1. Excellent bit of History, as always. Big Thanks.

    Eastham made his Arsenal debut in December 1960, and less than one year later…
    “I’d naturally be interested if anything is said by Milan”.

    A man of principle, always prepared to stand his ground.

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