3 thoughts on “Kanu Believe It In Arsenal’s Win At Stamford Bridge On This Day, 23rd October 1999

  1. Kanu changed the game, his last goal has always been my best…not only did he struggle to keep the ball but tried to put at the back of the net from an incredible position… Now thats football at its best exactly wat i call entertainment

  2. I remember “watching” this game on teletext. It thought we had lost 1-2 and then realised that I had had the page on “hold” for the last 15 minutes of the game! Even better was watching the highlights on MotD and seeing THAT goal.

    • Andy

      Yesterday was an outstanding day for comedy football confessions. On Twitter, we were informed of the 1995 CWC Final when someone’s drunken friend who had missed the whole of the match, walked down to their seat as Nayim shot, said “That’s in”, turned and left the stadium.

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