Arsenal Announce The Opening Of The West Stand At Highbury, On This Day, 8th November 1932

The West Stand of the Arsenal Stadium holds a special affection for me, it was the first stand in which I owned a seat season ticket at Arsenal. I’d had one on the North Bank – even the Clock End as well – but this made me feel, well, I suppose a grown-up. The seat was just around the bottom right corner of the ‘L’, in front of the post.

The stand itself officially opened a month later. Designed by Ferrier and Binnie, it marked the gradual transition of the stadium from its Leitch predecessor into its Art Deco splendour. The cost was officially £45,000, the equivalent of £7.3m today; £100k on the ground improvements, £34.5m in 2012. Arsenal were not skimping in their attempts to improve the facilities.

Not quite sure about the claims of a 90,000 capacity though!