Orange Balls, Red Shorts But No Red Faces At Arsenal On This Day, 27th December 1970

271270 SFC 0 - 0 2 271270 SFC 0 - 0

Red shorts? Conditions were bad but given the goalposts were white, a coat of paint might have assisted the Arsenal and visiting Southampton forwards to find the net in this Christmas fixture. Black and white footage only below but you get the gist of the look. I could be wrong – which means I probably am – but I don’t recall an Arsenal side wearing this particular kit combination since.

The point kept Arsenal in second place, a position they had occupied since 21st November 1970 and was the thirteenth of a fourteen match unbeaten run.

271270 SFC 0 - 0 R

6 thoughts on “Orange Balls, Red Shorts But No Red Faces At Arsenal On This Day, 27th December 1970

  1. I was there with my Dad. Hip flasks being passed around on the terraces. A really frustrating game which convinced me that the title would slip away. I cursed the keeper and refferee in equal measure.

    That was an Arsenal side that never gave up. Full of fight and hard work and a good measure of skill as well.

    That disallowed goal still looks as dodgy a decision to me today as it did from the corner of the North Bank in 1970.

    Great season that was.

  2. I’m pretty sure that we played in red shorts in a League Cup game against Blackpool at Highbury in 1976/77. I have this vague recollection of watching the players come out and having a feeling that something didn’t look right but it took a few minutes for it to sink in.

    • Andy, you are correct. That was the only other occasion on which Arsenal wore red shorts at Highbury, owing to Blackpool’s away kit consisting of white shorts.
      We did in fact often wear red shorts for away games at places where white shorts would have been the only kit clash.
      The last time we wore red shorts was for a trip to QPR in April 1978.

      • I’d erased these abberations from my memory – interesting how we kid ourselves into a certain perspective. For example, I remember not caring for the green away kit whereas now (in a minority I accept) I think it isn’t that bad. Mind you that might be because of recent editions!

  3. George Armstrong – ” a Father Christmas ass year young this fine player” Amen to that

    I can’t remember the Saints game but I do remember the next game against Yeovil – tres exotique at the time !

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