John Jensen Scores For Arsenal On This Day, 31st December 1994

It’s the Arsenal equivalent of The Sex Pistols at Manchester Free Trade Hall. If you believe everyone that says they attended, 497,281 people witnessed John Jensen’s only goal at Highbury. Not forgetting Adrian Clarke’s Premier League debut.

This was a wretched result in the middle of a wretched run. Arsenal hadn’t won in ten Premier League games, hadn’t won a home Premier League game at home since 23rd October when Coventry City capitulated by the odd goal in three.

At the final whistle, Rangers were fourteenth with Arsenal one place higher. With the players on the pitch – in the squad – this should not have been the case. Hindsight suggests that George Graham’s tactical nous had deserted him. There were murmurings against the manager, wondering if the board would sack him at the end of the season. We didn’t know it at the time but his reign would be over in six weeks for alternative reasons.

31121994 QPR 1 - 3 2

31121994 QPR 1 - 3 1

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  1. I wasn’t there. I spent the new year in Tenerife, reading about JJ’s goal in the Daily Telegraph a couple of days later. As it was a northern edition it had two sentences on the game, one being that Jensen had scored. Gutted.

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