Alan Hudson Makes His Arsenal Debut On This Day, 3rd January 1977

Alan Hudson arrived at Highbury on 13th December 1976 but waited until this day in 1977 to make the first of his 47 appearances for the club. A big-money signing, Hudson made his debut against Leeds United amid great hopes. Interestingly, Tony Currie was in the visitors line-up, a similar player to his Arsenal counterpart (he had cost Leeds £250,000 in June 1976), albeit one who was more consistent in his performance levels.

By the arrival of Summer 1977, Hudson had fallen foul of injury and Terry Neill. He was deemed surplus to requirements in 1978 and was sold to Seattle Sounders for half of the £200,000 he cost the club from Stoke City.

03011977 Alan Hudson's Debut

1 thought on “Alan Hudson Makes His Arsenal Debut On This Day, 3rd January 1977

  1. I can only surmise that Gerald Sinstadt was on mind-expanding drugs when he wrote this report. I remember the game very well. I was 9 years old at the time and my older brother had started taking me to Highbury the previous season. My mum wasn’t happy about me going to the game due to the reputation of the Leeds’ fans.

    Thankfully there was no crowd trouble, the travelling contingent having been bored into submission.

    My lasting memory of the game was of Leeds taking possession of the ball in midfield and, as soon as an Arsenal player got within 10 yards of the ball, it was hoofed back to the Leeds goalkeeper. I have no idea how two goals were scored.

    Anti-football at its best.

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