The Politics Of Promotion Become Clearer On This Day, 5th March 1919

The Football League Management Committee had come to Arsenal’s aid six years previously when the club sought to move to Highbury in 1913. This is the beginning of the same outcome…

05031919 Politics of Promotion 05031919 Pre-meeting agendas


4 thoughts on “The Politics Of Promotion Become Clearer On This Day, 5th March 1919

  1. That puts to bed the “unfact” that Henry Norris talked the Football League Management Committee into a snap election on the day of the meeting. 5 days before the meeting the press were reporting that a number of clubs had put themselves forward for election, including Nottingham Forest who had finished 18th in Division Two in 1914-15!

  2. Not sure if I can reply to this email address – time may tell.

    As an obvious authority of all things football historical, can you throw any light on the reference in the third paragraph of the article below to “the notorious squared match…”. No reference on the web and I’d not heard of this before.

    Great posts/website. I look forward to receiving these even if as a regular Arsenal attendee for 50+ years now things seem a bit bleak on the trophy front. Somewhat reminiscent of times spent in my youth, watching from the North Bank, in the late 50s and 60s!


    Michael Major

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