The FA Close Arsenal’s Ground On This Day, 28th March 1895

The match which is referred to was the 1 – 1 draw against Burton Wanderers. During the closure of the Manor Ground, Arsenal played matches as far afield as Leyton and Gillingham.

The six-week spell of punishment took the club through to the end of the season. In that time, they played 8 games, 3 in the league with the remainder as friendlies. Victorious in all competitive games, crowds were not significantly lower than for matches played at Plumstead, averaging around 1,000 less at 5,333 during the exile. Friendlies by contrast attracted an average of 2,000 more. Given that, the punishment did not hit the club as hard as may have been intended.

28031895 Arsenal punished for crowd misbehaviour - think it was against Burton in January 1895