The FA Ask Henry Norris For Explanations On This Day, 1st April 1913

Most would consider trying to move a football club to Islington with mounting public opposition, a battle enough. Henry Norris also had to contend with the only relegation in Arsenal’s history. The 1912-13 season had been nothing short of disastrous for the club, rooted to the bottom of the table since December.

Ahead of their match at Anfield, Chelsea were five points clear of bottom-placed Arsenal, in the final position of safety. Liverpool had only lost twice at home all season, Chelsea twice away. Despite this, Chelsea triumphed and Norris smelt a rat, ignoring that in their short history the denizens of Stamford Bridge had been relatively successful in their encounters with the Merseysiders.

Norris had been aggrieved at the defeat and accused some of the Liverpudlians of deliberately playing badly to ensure they did not win in his weekly newspaper column, his legal mind knowing where to draw the line just before accusing them of fixing the outcome.

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01041913 Norris