The View Of Arsenal’s History From This Day, 12th April 1931

An interesting diversion from the norm, this is the perspective of the club as they stood on the verge of their first League title. So over to Andy and Mark to tear it to pieces…

12041930 History

5 thoughts on “The View Of Arsenal’s History From This Day, 12th April 1931

  1. Yogi, He knew his stuff and was obviously a fan from very early days. Afew anomalies but nothing to detract from his overall excellent knowledge.

    Of particular interest is his story about the first programme producer and seller for the club Albert Craig “the Surrey Poet”. When you see an early 1890s programme and it has the initials AC this is him. He was a cricket rhymester who came to Arsenal to sell his wares and was involved with the club from 1890 until about 1896. He was a fascinating talented character, and I would to see the verses ‘mr correspondent’ speaks about being in his possession.

    In the forthcoming Royal Arsenal FC publication, we have quite alot planned to write about him and his programmes.

    Can you please tell me what paper this is from, as the story is worth re-telling.


  2. Although it’s not 100% factually correct I couldn’t pull it apart as it is so wonderfully written.

    As Mark said, another fantastic find. There is so much more to Arsenal’s history than has been regurgitated time and time again.

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