George Allison To Manage Arsenal On This Day, 30th May 1934

gapIf David Moyes task of succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson is deemed monumental, that is nothing compared to the task afforded to George Allison as he took the reigns following Herbert Chapman. One wonders whether a programme editor could ever rise to such heights again.

Perhaps Arsenal got the appointment absolutely right, Allison taking the administrative affairs of the club with Tom Whitaker and Joe Shaw dealing with the training and squad. However the duties were split, the combination continued the success of the Chapman era until the War with two titles and an FA Cup arriving.

It is impossible to do justice to his career in a short couple of paragraphs, especially when the AISA Historical Society have a thorough section on this era. Another biography can be found here, as well as this nice piece from the Northern Echo.

Click on the link to purchase his own Allison Calling.

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