Millonarios Move For Arsenal Star On This Day, 13th June 1950

afLittle wonder the offer from the Colombian club was appealing to Alex Forbes. Millonarios were offering a deal in excess of £500k in today’s money, beyond comparison in English football at the time. It would have been a short trip though. Twelve months later, Fifa expelled the Colombian FA from membership meaning that all expat players left the club in the coming years.

One of those was Alfredo di Stefano, which would have been some tale for Forbes to tell. As it was, he remained at Arsenal to add another League title to the one won in 1948 and a runners-up medal in the FA Cup to accompany the triumph over Liverpool a month or so earlier. Forbes is the last surviving member of that team. At a time when there were only two major competitions, his 240 appearances for the club emphasizes his importance to the team at the time.

13061950 Forbesforbes2

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  1. The Colombians did sign some English players (I think Charlie Mitten was one of the bigger names). The English FA took a dim view of these mercenaries and gave them lengthy bans. The big dream didn’t last and the English players returned within a year but unable to sign for any English clubs. No player power back then.

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