Transfer Demands Met At Arsenal On This Day, 14th June 1993

Demands from supporters for activity in the transfer market is nothing new. In those days, the transfer window was something that the troubled continental clubs; English clubs could sign anyone between June and March which prodivided plenty of opportunity to scout players, find those who would strengthen the squad, fill gaps with their technical ability and prowess and drive the squad on to glory.

George Graham thought Eddie McGoldrick was the perfect fit for that criteria. If someone asked you to describe a typical late-era Graham signing, the Republic of Ireland international would be the player you describe; hard-working and erm, that’s probably it.

This was probably the highlight of McGoldrick’s immensely talentless career (about 8’19 on the video). If you think that a harsh judgement, just remember that the Irish international said he would not cross the road to p*ss on an Arsenal fan if he were on fire.

So, Eddie McGoldrick. Everything that went wrong with George Graham’s reign summed up in one player.