Arsenal Sign Jackie Milne On This Day, 15th June 1935

jmilneWhilst the financial equivalent of £5,000 today is £1.5m, the English record still stood for the signing of David Jack by Arsenal for £10,890. For a true comparison it would be around £15m, making Milne more of an Arshavin than a Gervinho.

The complication comes with Tony Matthews Who’s Who of Arsenal, quoting a fee of £1,500 which seems more realistic. Arsenal may have been England’s wealthiest club at the time but it is scarcely credible that they would have written off such an expensive transfer so quickly.

Milne played 54 times for the club, pulling in a decent return of 19 goals. He left the club unexpectedly, signing for Middlesbrough eighteen months later for a  £5,000 fee.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal Sign Jackie Milne On This Day, 15th June 1935

  1. I would say that the contemporary newspaper report was closer to the correct fee.

    My reasoning? What does Tony Matthews have to say about Graham Barrett?

    • God knows, Andy, I try not to read anything about Graham Barrett!

      The fee seems very high for someone who wasn’t an established international and was a relative novice in the first team.

      • I’m going to gave to be very insistent here. Go dig out Matthews’ book and tell me what you think of Barrett’s biography. It’s very relevant.

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