Tom Whittaker’s Italian Job From Arsenal On This Day, 3rd July 1950

For Arsenal and Tom Whittaker in particular, to be linked with an international position with the country which had just lost its crown as World Champions, one that it had held for twelve years due to World War II.

The veneer of English coaches had yet to dim. Stories such as this one were believable because of the numbers who had departed in the first half of the Twentieth Century for, not just the continent but the rest of the world, South America a particular favourite as well.

That is not to lump Whittaker in the same boat as them all. Like many professionals in the game, the war years robbed him of some of his prime. Players at the club were less fortunate, losing the whole of the time when they should have been at their peak. Resuming the success of the 1930s was going to be a tall order but he managed to do so to a lesser degree, before his untimely death. If you can class two League titles, an FA Cup win and losing final as lesser.

More was to come on this one…

03071950 Whittaker 1
03071950 Whittaker 2