Cantona’s Trawler Was Sixty Years After Arsenal’s, On This Day, 8th July 1933

Consolidated Fisheries commissioned their football fleet in the 1930s, these initial six augmented by a more ships predominantly named after English clubs with the exceptions being Stirling and Real Madrid, as far as I can find. The Arsenal was the first of these ships, Blackburn Rovers the last in 1962.

It was not to turn out well for the Arsenal. Drafted into the Royal Navy in August 1939 for service during World War II as an anti-submarine vessel. HMT Arsenal sank into The Clyde when she collided with a Polish ship, ORP Burza on 16th November 1940. Her crew were all saved by the tug, Superman, and HMS Arrow, although the latter was damaged as Arsenal’s depth charges exploded. By coincidence, her skipper on that day was Radford.

08071933A second ship was named Arsenal and served in the Grimsby trawler fleet until being de-commissioned in 1975.

The Arsenal