About Arsenal On This Day

This is the sister blog to A Cultured Left Foot and will be entirely different. The purpose of Arsenal On This Day is to reproduce media reports from the club’s history. For the most part this will be match reports and it will not just focus on victories; draws and defeats play as much a part of the rich tapestry that is Arsenal Football Club as anything else.

As well as this though, there are articles which comment on events surrounding the club. Transfers of key players in and out of the club, football politics and anything that comes to light as a result of trawling through newspaper archives.

As much as is possible, this blog will focus on the pre-Wenger era. The proliferation of websites about Arsenal means that the current managerial reign is well-documented. With the determined approach by Sky and other broadcasters to erase the history of any competition that they are not currently covering, the past is in danger of being permanently forgotten unless it involves a satellite dish and decoder.

Arsenal has a glorious history that should be cherished and remembered. Hopefully this blog will play a small part in that.
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Thanks for reading and enjoy.