Arsenal’s Record Defeat On This Day, 12th December 1896

The record books show that this day saw Arsenal play twice. Which you might think explains this defeat except the Reserve XI that faced Leyton at home in an FA Cup-tie faired rather better than the strong XI which travelled to Leicestershire for a Division Two fixture.

As the Reserves won 5 – 0 in front of 3,000 at The Manor Ground, the club’s record defeat happened occurred with 500 witnesses. The scenario is not dissimilar to that of the club’s record win, also against Loughborough, which had a crowd of just 600 albeit due to the original fixture being abandoned the day before.

The result was unexpected more for the two sides differing fortunes. Arsenal were in the top half of the table and an entertaining side to watch, their 12 previous games averaging five goals. Loughborough meanwhile had scored just four goals in their previous 14 games. A resounding home win was not the scoreline envisaged.

12121896 Loughborough 0 - 812121896 Loughborough 0 - 8